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Roman Entertainment: the Arena and the Circus
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Roman Gladiatorial Games

An impressive site, illustrated and with an authoritative commentary on gladiators, amphitheatres, wild-beast hunts, animals, punishment of criminals, the culture, etc.

Roman Entertainment

A brief summary of Roman games.

Arena: Gladiatorial Games

Long detailed page on the amphitheatre and its functions; 37 photographs are used to illustrate the excellent text. Additional closely related pages are also linked.

The Roman Gladiator

Several good photographs of mosaics depicting gladiatorial combat (as well as the amphitheatres of Rome, Pompeii and Arles); over a dozen pages of excellent text; a nine-item reading list.

The Origin and Spectacle of Gladiatorial Games

Good medium-length essay on gladiators (including a summary of types).

Seneca expresses revulsion at the games

An interesting primary source in translation.

Roman Amphitheatres: Web Links

A large and quite useful collection of links.
amphithetre links

Images of the Roman Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheatre)

A reasonable selection of images of the Colosseum

The Colosseum

Basic site with a few images and fair notes.

Virtual Model of the Roman Amphitheatre at Colonia Ulpia Traiana (Xanten)

As the title suggests.

The Riot at Pompeii, AD 59

The famous fresco illustrating the riot described in Tacitus.

The Circus: Roman Chariot Racing

Excellent illustrated introductory site.

The Roman Hippodrome

Short introductory article.